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Aldarra is a fast-paced 4x combat focused strategy game with 152 huge minis, buckets of dice, and an expansive world. The game plays 2 - 4 people (5-6 with the expansion) and plays between 90-180 minutes. The base game comes with 152 finely detailed miniatures (28 unique sculpts). The Savage Skies expansion comes with 72 finely detailed miniatures (14 sculpts). **Shipping will be charged at a later time (prior to physical shipping)**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

2 Player Mode + Savage Skies Highlight + Box Sleeves + New Freebie STLs!
9 months ago – Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 11:21:38 PM

Happy 48 Hour Countdown Everyone!

Check out some of our freshly painted dreadnoughts from the base and expansion factions! Painted by our amazing long time partner, Steven Smith!

2 Player Mode Unlocked

By popular demand, we are doing a 2 player mode! Check out below for more detail on what this will entail, timelines and overall thoughts on adding it into the game!

Savage Skies Highlights

Additionally, this update will go into the highlights of our 2 expansion factions - Sky Tamers and the Cuthari Hivemind. We have a couple of painted miniatures for you to feast your eyes on too to show you just what kind of details the little buggers are packing!

Kickstarter Exclusive Box Sleeves

As a nice little extra "thank you" to the backers, we are going to be adding limited edition box sleeves for the base game and Savage Skies Expansion. This will be provided to all copies of the base and expansion boxes (with or without minis!).

New Freebie STLs

As the last little surprise for this update, we have 2 new STL freebies for those of you interested in them! the frigates from both of the expansion factions - Sky Tamers and Cuthari Hivemind.

2 Player Mode Unlocked!

As mentioned, by popular demand we've decided to re-add in two player. It's always been a possibility to play with two, but we felt focusing on larger player counts led to the best table talk and social experience. Turns out we were wrong that people wouldn't really miss the lack of two player rules. Since we heard you loud and clear that you want two players, we've been looking at ways to make two even more interesting and balanced. The two main areas of focus are a more variable starting state and ways to prevent a runaway leader.

Yep, that's right. We are going to add a 2 player mode for all you couples out there who want to demolish each other in fierce aerial combat!!

Will it extend delivery times?

No! It will not. Our delivery estimates stay the same. We still have art to finish for both the base game and expansion and during this time we will develop, implement and fully test the re-introduction of the 2 player mode that we decided to remove partway through the development process. This is just purely added value and usability to the game for the masses!

What's likely going in the 2 player mode?

Starting the game with neutral units and other minor elements to spice up the board we're creating a more dynamic balancing act between where to go and how to do it in the early game. One of the things lost with less players is the social aspect of balancing what territory to push up against early. With more on the board, we can recreate this vibe with a lot of choices that aren't as obvious as they would be.

The other issue with two player has been that with the way resources and building work, it's easy for the rich to get richer and start to really dominate. In a multiplayer game you can team up to take down someone that's pulling ahead, but with only two you don't have the option of an alliance like that. So we're focusing on balancing the catch up mechanics to still let the leader feel great for their success, but not letting them get too wildly ahead. It's a tough balancing act, and we really don't want to drop a "Mario Kart blue shell" on it all! This may also include the inclusion of additional components to make the new mode work as well as possible. We will come to that bridge, and keep all of the backers informed when we come to it!


So to sum it up, we've long had two player as a reasonable mechanical option, but didn't think it was as enjoyable for our taste (we really really like the social "game above the table" style of play) so we decided to cut it and focus on 3+. You can play the game right now as is with two players and it works just fine, but since you all really want it, we're going to focus on adjustments to give all of you duo players as good an experience even if it's got a little different vibe. 

 Savage Skies Highlights 

 And now onto the final faction highlight! We are going to highlight all of the stuff you'lll get extra in the Savage Skies Expansion box! We wanted to save all of this for the last update before the big push to give you all something really juicy to look at! All of our flying beasties!

Sky Tamers hit hard and fight ferociously when it comes to ship to ship combat. It helps that their ships are always hungry...

Event Cards

Event cards add a whole new variable to the game! Each round, a new event card will be drawn that will apply to the entire table. It will either be a full round effect or an immediate one. You could see effects ranging from resources like crystals and coins being effected, to board wide combat effects and even unit recruitment effects.The addition of these cards will really test the planning and reactionary abilities of each player.

Faction Highlight: Cuthari Hivemind

Faction History

Commonly viewed as the most feared race throughout the world, the Cuthari are not originally from Sordane, instead coming from beyond the barrier that both protects and isolates Sordane from the rest of creation. First appearing aboard the deadly living vessel named by its victims as the “Reaper,” the Cuthari are the only known creature capable of traversing the danger of the void and resisting its corrupting essence to enter Sordane.

Aside from coming from beyond the barrier, next to nothing is known about the Cuthari and where they came from. However, using their unique and powerful technology the Cuthari swiftly became one of the most powerful nations in Sordane.

Cuthari spelldrivers are some of the most powerful spellcasters in all of Sordane. They are even well know to control the natural skies and winds of power.

When they first arrived, the Cuthari were originally viewed as a deadly breed of pirate, leaving widespread death and destruction in their path as they searched for resources and food. Their unique living ships and technology proved to make them a formidable foe for Sordane’s nations. Slowly but surely more Cuthari came from beyond the barrier bolstering their already powerful ranks.

To limit the damage, an accord was struck with the main powers of the world at the time known as the CST (Cuthari Sordane Treaty), which opened trade routes between the Cuthari and Sordane’s nations. Since the treaty was formed, the Cuthari have found begrudging acceptance in Sordane, as most nations seek access to their technology and drugs. However, the treaty is a fragile measure viewed with disdain by many, now as the war for Aldarra rages it is unknown if it will be broken.

Aesthetics of Cuthari Hivemind

The Cuthari Hivemind have an armada of horrifying ships that are able to shake the resolve of even the most seasoned sailors. Their ships are built from a fusion of sordalite technology and living flesh, covered in writhing tentacles, waiting to grab their next prey. Though it's not necessary, the Cuthari have adopted the common practice of adorning their fleet with an emblem, choosing a sordalite crystal surrounded by tentacles.

Purpose in Aldarra

Cuthari Hivemind have one main purpose - sordalite crystals. They seek it at all time and use it to power their factories for making drugs of their own secretions for the markets of Sordane. Of course, finding new treasures to enhance their standing in the political scope of the world, of which they are still often seen as pariahs, would do well to bolster their status.

Game Mechanics

What do the Cuthari Hivemind Excel at?
      The Cuthari Hivemind are in touch with the soul of Sordane in an unnatural, yet deep, way. They have a connection with the sordalite crystal that the planet produces. Due to this deep connection, they feel an incessant need to horde, steal and find as much sordalite as possible. The Cuthari are one of the most adept races at seeking out veins of sordalite. Once found, they employ these powerful resources into focused weaponry than gives them tactical ranged weapon advantages over their opponents. 

Here's a glance at the Cuthari Hivemind dashboard! Each dashboard in Aldarra will give you helpful tools to keep the game flowing! The turn / phase order list is particularly helpful for reminding beginner and veteran players alike where they are in the current round!

Faction Power - Crystal Collection

The Cuthari having a deep understanding and connection with the sordalite they seek means they are able to actually carry it with them as their fleets move. This gives them greater action economy and allows them to not have to spread out as much to mine crystals during the mining step of the management phase. 

Faction Power - Sacrificial Units

The second power of the cuthari is the fact that their ships are living weapons. Use your quick moving ships to move into position, explode, deal damage and cripple specific vital units or positions that your opponents may be trying to hold onto. It's a power that requires some serious tactful thinking to use appropriately but it can be very devastating to have ensurable damage in your pocket when you need it.

Cuthari Hivemind ships that move in the Light step have added usability for doing kamikazee missions in order to prevent opponents from attaining objectives. It's only of the only sure-fire ways to deal reliable damage without rolling dice!

Starting Discovery - Sordalite Artillery

A very powerful ability that allows you to control the board state at the end of the expansion phase. Blow your enemies of important tiles or resources that you know they need or make a deal to do it for another player! It's one of the powers in Aldarra that lets you consistently politic with your opponents to make deals and use their fleets for your own gains. 

 Faction Highlight: Sky Tamers

Faction History

Sordane is full of people driven by wanderlust and a sense of adventure, who seek to make a name for themselves earning fame and fortune. While some go on to become famous adventurers and heroes of their age, most seek employment among the countless monster hunting guilds situated throughout Sordane. These guilds travel the world hunting dangerous beasts, though few have ever achieved the level of renown and skill as the Sky Tamers have. Originally starting as a small guild with a handful of members, the Sky Tamers have now become one of the largest guilds in Sordane, amassing enough wealth and power to rival a small nation.

The Sky Tamers are one of the oldest active guilds in Sordane today, being formed more than a millennia ago. The skills developed by the guild over the years has provided them with the ability to tame not only terrestrial creatures as beasts of burden and hunting companions, but also the gargantuan beasts that stalk the skies. As such, in the major sky ports of the world, one can find sky beasts outfitted with howdahs and artillery being used as the Sky Tamers deadly ships.

Now the Sky Tamers have set their sights on Aldarra, seeking to claim the abundance of wealth in hopes of growing even more powerful.

Axlar Class Cruisers being fed... they'll eat anything...

Aesthetics of the Sky Tamers

Aside from the Cuthari, the Sky tamers are unlike any other faction currently warring for control of Aldarra. Their ships being living beasts are used to hunt and aid in the capture of larger creatures, either to bolster their own numbers, or to complete a client’s request. While the largest of these gargantuan beasts may not be able to keep up with the speed of the smaller ones, or a typical airship, few boast the raw power, agility, and mobility that they possess.

Purpose in Aldarra

The Sky Tamers have come to Aldarra to seek their own power. They have heard the tales of powerful artefacts being found and plentiful sordalite of old. Typically being mercenaries for hire, they are now here on their of their own accord to seek wealth and riches.

Game Mechanics

What do the Sky Tamers Excel at?
The Sky Tamers are a faction that focus on mobility and taking the initiative. They are a very aggressive and functionally wild faction. They roam the skies finding new beasts to tame into their ranks. They have the ability to move around the map with ease and when in the hands of a skilled player, you can set up some great "big brain" plays that your opponents won't see coming!

Here's a glance at the Mining Corp Coalition dashboard! Each dashboard in Aldarra will give you helpful tools to keep the game flowing! The turn / phase order list is particularly helpful for reminding beginner and veteran players alike where they are in the current round!

Faction Power - Initiative Preference

A strong but underestimated power is the ability to get the chance to choose which order you want to go in the Set Turn Order step of the Preperation Phase when you are tied in VP with an opponent instead of going by whomever was first in the turn order the last round. This can be very powerful as turn positioning is an important skill. In different phases and situations you may want to go in a completely different order from one phase to another. This gives you the ability to do so more often!

Faction Power - Forest Movement

One of the more powerful abilities in the game is having all Forest tiles count as adjacent to one another for purposes of movement. This really allows you to do some fantastic logistics when you get the hang over action economy and movement of your units. Even your stronghold counts as a Forest tile for these purposes making the threat range of your newly built fleets a serious variable to consider for your opponents!

Heavy units such as Destroyers and Engineers gain additional mobility when playing as the Sky Tamers. As they are able to use Forest tiles to move as though they were adjacent to one another from any point on the board.

Starting Discovery - Scrying Orb

Scrying orb is a fantastic starting Discovery as the early game is heavily focused around exploring tiles. There are some really fantastic effects that can be used from Explore cards to get massive early game benefits to propel yourself to a good early game position. As each player is limited to how many times they can technically explore (based on their Order Tokens), having the option to redraw an Explore card that may have no use for you, is fantastic

New Freebie STLs

We have 2 new freebie STLs for you to try out! The frigates from both the Sky Tamers and the Cuthari Hivemind! Click the link below to check them out!

Kickstarter Exclusive Box Sleeves

As a final surprise for our backers, we will be giving *every* backer that has an Aldarra Base Game and/or Savage Skies Expansion box a premium box sleeve  that will cover your box and protect it even further when you’re storing it away! 

These beautifully inverted and darkened designs will be highlighted by a much larger logo with gold embossing! Only the best of fanciness for our backers! 

Every copy of Aldarra and Savage Skies will receive these exclusive box sleeves for their copies!

That's it for now, everyone! Likely one of our last updates before the end of the Kickstarter! Please share the campaign and tell your friends! We would love to get all the support we can for Aldarra before the Kickstarter ends!

Have you seen our section Gameplay Video?? Check it out here :)

Benny and the AM team

New Gamplay + Discovering Aldarra Adventure Highlight!
9 months ago – Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 02:53:06 PM

Hey there Aldarrans! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. We are ramping up to the last few days of the Kickstarter and then the big finish. Which is when the real work begins!

On today's update, we are releasing a new Gameplay Video of Aldarra and a more in-depth look at what you'll get with the Discovering Aldarra PDF adventure bundle (free digital perk for All-In backers and can be added on for other pledge levels!)

Gample Video 2

We have a new gameplay video for you this week. Much like our first gameplay video, it shows me and 3 mates playing the base game factions. The difference from this gameplay video and the first one is that we have the updated prototype miniatures in this one! It shows them at their rescaled size with more usability! They fit the tiles perfectly now so not only was the relaunch successful for saving cost, but usability of the pieces themselves as well! As you can see, they are still plenty large enough for great detail as well =)

(featuring my dog Sammy who likes to partake when we play board games)

Discovering Aldarra Highlight

Discovering Aldarra is the accompanying D&D 5e adventure we have created to go hand in hand with the storyline of Aldarra if you're interested in the story side of things! This is part of the free digital rewards you get with your Aldarra All-In pledge. We figured it would be only appropriate to provide our all-in backers with as much digital content as possible for Aldarra. So we decided to give you all the STLs and Discovering Aldarra completely for FREE if you pledge All-In

This mission takes place 10 years before Aldarra in the timeline. It is a high-flying journey in the skies of Sordane. A mercenary's dream job - protecting transport cargo ships on easy routes. But will it be as easy as they thought? Find out in Discovering Aldarra.

You'll get a ton of character miniatures, new creatures we have created for Sordane (but can be used in any fantasy 5e setting!) and giant airships that are synonymous with Sordane and Aldarra! Two of the larger STL ships are full 32mm scale versions of the Arrodan Syndicate Algor Cruiser and Cin'darian Empire Roshan Cruiser! You can literally print and play inside them!

What's included:

  • 20(ish) page PDF adventure for levels 3-4 by Dillon at Critical Crafting
  • Dozens of STLs. Which includes new creatures, tons of dynamic character miniatures, and full size airships!
  • 3 Maps by Czeandpeku and The Mad Cartographer 
  • Ship maps to go along with all of our STL ships
20+ pages of 5e content written by Dillon at Critical Crafting!
We have some awesome STLs packed into this adventure. Sculpted by the talented artists we work with!
Some concept artwork from our lead artist - Wallok who did the new monsters we have designed for this specific adventure! You'll get STLs of all of these in addition to many more
Maps from the ever talented Cze & Peku!
Another awesome map by The Mad Cartographer!

 Please check out our partners
   They have made some truly awesome content for us to package together for the backers

   That's all for this update, everyone! We are nearly at the end of the Kickstarter so tell your friends ;)

   Thanks again everyone for your support on making Aldarra funded. We can't wait to get it into the backers hands and share more details with you all along the whole process!

   Benny and the AM team

Faction Highlight - Mining Corp Coalition
10 months ago – Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at 04:34:24 AM

Faction Highlight - Mining Corp Coalition

Second faction highlight time! We will get all 6 in before the end of the Kickstarter! Expect #3 and #4 by mid next week!

Faction History

Corporations and powerful businesses have always held massive influence in Sordane. Money and sordalite makes the world go round after all. Commonly, when large caches of sordalite or other precious minerals are found, multiple coporations will band together and pool resources and man power to efficiently mine it. 

These mega coalitions have been happening for centuries. They are an almost essential tool that the larger corporations use to maintain power. They often take advantage of smaller businesses or mining ventures by offering them temporary membership in one of these coalitions only to use them for the worst jobs or, in the case of fighting, as cannon fodder. Leaving the smaller groups typically worse off than the larger ones. It's just good business.

Formed of private investors, capable craftsmen, and savvy business owners the Mining Corp Coalition is a force to be reckoned with. The coalition brings to bear the best equipment money can buy from all the entities that its comprised of. Quickly able to harvest sordalite from the most hostile environments. With so much sordalite uncovered in Aldarra, the coalition has brought all of its resources and influence into the fight, rushing to claim the lost empire’s riches for its many benefactors.

Typically these powerful corporations don't stick together for too long. Only while it serves the greater purpose of each individual entity. Binding together in solidarity to achieve one overarching goal and then dispersing again until the time for reunification becomes in everyones best interest again.

Aesthetics of the Mining Corp Coalition

The Mining Corp. Coalition is made up of many different organizations. Most often, they are mining focused corporations digging for gold, sordalite, iron, or other precious metals. As such, they are often fitted and classed as very sturdy vessels that require low maintainance, but aren't usually looking to win any beauty contests. Durability and efficiency are their keys to success.

Purpose in Aldarra

The MCC (Mining Corp. Coalition). Is no different from other profit-driven organizations. They are in Aldarra to exploit the land and claim the lost technology and resources for their own gains. They have called upon every member's full arsenal and equipment to be sent to Aldarra in order to stake, and protect, their claim over whatever it is they find.

To fully understand how the mechanics work, we recommend you download the rules of Aldarra to have a point of reference for the game assets displayed below.

Game Mechanics

What do the Mining Corp Coalition Excel at?
The MCC are very strong at positioning for resource production. They have a strong faction ability that allows them to attain the resources they lack and play the board in a unique style compared to the other factions. They can focus on one resource type and trade for the other instead of trying to balance. Additionally, their early game bonus of free outposts in the build step is very powerful in propelling them into an early game lead.

Here's a glance at the Mining Corp Coalition dashboard! Each dashboard in Aldarra will give you helpful tools to keep the game flowing! The turn / phase order list is particularly helpful for reminding beginner and veteran players alike where they are in the current round!

Faction Power - Trading Resources

A very powerful ability of the MCC is to freely trade resources between sordalite crystals and coins. At any point, as the MCC you can trade your coins in for sordalite crystals and your crystals for coins. This is very powerful when you need that one sordalite crystal for something crucial, but may have been fought off of one or two spots the turn before. In the right hands, this ability will keep you fueled up with the right resources all game long 

Faction Power - Free Outposts

One of the more powerful early game abilities is the power to place free outposts on a tile anywhere you have a free engineer. This could easily mean that by round 2 you already have 3 free outposts (12 coins worth of resources) just for playing your ships into good spots on round 1. These free outposts give you increased mobility and flexibility with the ships in the following turns, needed to spend less bodies sticking around occupying tiles when they should be out fighting! 

The MCC has a fantastic early game advantage getting outposts placed for free in the Build Step of the Management Phase. It gives the MCC player a very tangible lead bodies on the board when employed properly!

Starting Discovery - Defensive Fortifications

Defensive Fortifications is an ability that will be a passive boon to your overall play. As it is mainly defensive, using this Discovery in the early game along with your free outposts allows you to set up a defensive perimeter by easily dropping these free buildings and backing them up with a few more hard hitting units like Destroyers. Making the firepower able to hide behind your building before they can be destroyed. Nothing sweeter than ruining your opponents good day with a successful defense!

New Gameplay Coming Soon!

We have a new gameplay video for you all coming soon as well! Just putting the finishing editing touches on it now and will put it out in an update when we can! I'll be playing as the Mining Corp Coalition this time to try and stake my claim of riches in Aldarra.

Developer AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Participate!

We are skipping AMA this week as we only got a few questions on Discord so if we don't get more by next week, we will try to do a more in-depth discuss between myself, Matt and some other members of the team on our experience in the development and process of making Aldarra!

If you do have questions you would like answered like the past AMA, please just follow the format below and we will answer them!

Question Format (Start with AMA then a dash and then your question):

AMA - What inspired the design of X faction and their playstyle in the game.

We will have our first expansion faction highlight on the weekend! 

Benny and the AM team

Aldarra Digital Rulebook Translation and Faction Highlight - Arrodan Syndicate
10 months ago – Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 06:47:54 AM

Aldarra Translated Digitally! (Full localization in the works)

Hey everyone. Just a quick update on translations to let you all know that we will be translating Aldarra into at least 4 languages in digital form that will be provided for free to all backers. Please note, this is NOT full localization (yet). This will be a full digital translation of the rulebook into PDF form for the following languages. 

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
We will be providing everyone with free digital rules translations into Spanish, German, French and Italian! We hope to do more translations as well, but we are starting with these!

What is full localization and what's the difference? The digital translations we offer will be a pure free digital translation of the rulebook, the localization will mean that we actually print the game in other languages (cards, dashboards, etc). This will only be achieved when we can work out a deal with localization partners to help us reach mininum order quantities for those languages. We are now working on getting all of these languages fully localized so please standby!

We really want to provide multiple language options for people that don't speak English and get into other markets around the world! We are working hard to make sure this happens :)

Faction Highlight - Arrodan Syndicate

Hey all! time for another faction highlight - this time it's the Arrodan Syndicate! An massive, world spanning secretive organization that holds sway over many in Sordane. Bringing their skillful ability to out maneuver their foes to the skies of Adlarra!

Faction History
The Arrodan Syndicate are a mysterious crime organization that has connections all throughout Sordane. Their origins are unknown, but they are rumoured to be even older than many nations that now exist. Their numbers and true power are kept hidden by their unknown leadership to ensure their influence is maintained throughout the world and so that their power grows from beyond the veil of secrecy.

It is rumoured that the Arrodan Syndicate controls several nations by having installed puppet governments who turn a blind eye, or even help, in the operations that the Syndicate carries out in their boarders. They have also been loosely tied to many different infamous pirate groups and it is believed that should the Syndicate ever need, they could call upon a host of pirate organizations that are even war with one another to fight for the Syndicate's cause. The Arrodan Syndicate's influence runs deep. Beyond the scope of illegal activity and organized crime, the Syndicate are also linked to many large legal corporations as well. Many of which are believed to be fronts for their operations.

Now, with the rediscovery of Aldarra, the Arrodan Syndicate has uncharacteristically come out of the shadows and mustered never before seen strength in numbers. Some believe there is an unknown connection between the Arrodan Syndicate and the land of Aldarra, but it is just speculation based on stories of old 

Aesthetics of the Arrodan Syndicate

Up until recently, the Arrodan Syndicate was not well known in terms of aesthetics. Their large Geshtar Class Dreadnoughts were the only well known ship type to be used almost exclusively by this organization, but they would never be seen docked in any major city around Sordane. Meaning they use them exclusively as mobile HQ fortresses for the Syndicate's leadership. 

They have no formal uniform. Their sailors and crew are often dressed as swashbucklers and veteran sailors. The more official ships, such as the Geshtar Dreadnoughts, will have crew adorned in dragon emblems and insignia.

Since Aldarra has been rediscovered, multiple ship classes adorned with dragon sumbols have been seen more frequently in the skies of Aldarra. The Arrodan Syndicate has finally been consolidating its hidden power into a full fighting force to claim Aldarra's riches. No one can explain this sudden change of doctrine from the Syndicate.

Purpose in Aldarra
The Arrodan Syndicate has always been a shadowy organization. As far as anyone knows, for hundreds of years. Suddenly though, and without explanation, the Syndicate has showed itself to be amassing untold numbers and power in the skies of Aldarra. The long assumed hidden strength of the Syndicate is becoming evident with the growing ships flying behind their banner. 

The purpose for coming to this land is likely the same as all others - to claim riches and power for themselves - but perhaps the Syndicate has different reasons for returning... 

To fully understand how the mechanics work, we recommend you download the rules of Aldarra to have a point of reference for the game assets displayed below.

Game Mechanics

What do the Arrodan Syndicate Excel at?
Within the game of Aldarra, the Arrodan Syndicate excels at maneuverability and subterfuge. Their fleets have the ability to capture enemy units and to move again after a battle is won allowing them to position themselves perfectly for big brain moves and strategies that require moves to be thought out ahead of time. They also have the ability to pick secret objectives that are more suitable for the ships and resources they have at hand. 

Here's a glance at the Arrodan Syndicate dashboard! Each dashboard in Aldarra will give you helpful tools to keep the game flowing! The turn / phase order list is particularly helpful for reminding beginner and veteran players alike where they are in the current round!


Faction Power - Selecting Secret Objectives
The Arrodan Syndicate have a very useful faction power that allows them to select 2 secret objective cards every time they draw from the secret objective deck. This allows the Syndicate player to mold their strategy more effectively to gain victory points based on their board position and unit count. A potentially very powerful ability when used by a player with a high-level of strategic planning.

Select the objective cards you want to help with figuring out the strategy best used to achieve victory.

Faction Power - Take Hostages!
When you destroy units in combat as the Arrodan Syndicate, you take them hostage until that player pays a randsom to you to get them back. This has two great effects. The first is that you reduce the potential unit pools your enemies can build from and it also provides you a secondary income to build more units when you force those players to pay you for getting back their units.

The Arrodan Syndicate can even make use of slower moving ships like dreadnoughts to greater effect with their ability to move after they successfully win a combat.

Starting Discovery - Improved Thrusters 

Improved Thrusters is a fantastic Discovery that gives you increased mobility with your units after a victory. You get extra action economy from properly selecting your battles when you move in an aggressive way. Being able to move units in this manner, and being in the right initiative position, will greatly increase your ability to make impactful planned moves that the other players may not see coming!

Have you checked out our last Ask Me Anything?

You can view the last update here

Thanks everyone! More updates coming this week! We will be highlighting some of the addons a bit more as well as do some further faction highlights!

Benny and the AM team

Faction Highlight: Cin'darian Empire
10 months ago – Sun, Apr 17, 2022 at 08:36:24 AM

Faction Highlight - Cin'darian Empire

Second faction highlight time! We will get all 6 in before the end of the Kickstarter! Expect #3 and #4 by mid next week!

Faction History

In the north of Bordair sits the Cin’darian Empire. Cin’dar uses its massive fleets, well trained navy, and abundance of natural resources to control the economic and political landscape of the continent. They are well known as the defacto super power of the continent and will often impose "protection" on neighbouring kingdoms and nations whether they ask for it or not. Their naval power is the envy of other nations in Sordane and the influence eminating from Cin'dar's seat of power - Ezdin - is ever growing and immovably strong.

Established as nothing more than a simple farming village nearly ten thousand years ago, Ezdin grew from its humble beginnings into the now undeniable seat of power in all of Bordair through shrewd rulership and perfect utilisation of the natural advantages granted by the resources of Bordair. Ezdin was able to make huge strides in their trading networks, engineering feats and military prowess at a rate incomparable to other cities on the continent. As such, Ezdin is the crowning achievement of the Cin’darian empire

Five thousand years after the founding of Ezdin, during a routine excavation, a sordalite crystal larger than any other found was discovered. It took the better part of a decade to safely claim, refine, and finally transport this gargantuan crystal that was named Liladan’s Heart. During the time of its discovery, many wars and skirmishes emerged due the importance and political implications of this magnificent treasure. 

Haggler's Court - Within Ezdin is one of the largest sky ports in Sordane. Serving as the hub for all commerce in the north, Haggler's Court is the centre for merchants, trade, business, and all types of well disguised organized crime.

After many hard-fought wars with their neighbours and even kingdoms from afar, Cin’dar won out and claimed victory, in the end solidifying Cin’dar’s command of Bordair’s economy and political landscape for millenia. Named "Liladan’s Heart", once claimed, the mass wars and territorial disputes that plagued the continent ended all at once and a time of peace was quickly achieved. The Heart stabilized the entirety of Bordair... for a time.

Northern Bordair spans thousands of mile. Cin'dar encompasses nearly the entire upper coastline. Its dominant presence over the continent is most sharply felt by the handful of nations surrounding its boarders. Most of which are allies either through good relations, necessity, or strength of power.

Aesthetics of the Cin'darian Empire

The Cin'darian Empire's main fighting force is the navy, but they have multiple off shoots within their organized structure. The Cin'darian Navy is adorned with their signature emblem - the eagle. Their ships clean cut and efficient. Standardized vessels that every crewman, marine, officer and conscript of the Cin'darian Empire are familiar with. 

The Cin'darian Navy has a very well organized military structure. The recruits on the left are known as Sparrows and the veterans on the right are known as Gold Shields. Both often serve time on the ships of the navy. Once enough time is served, they often will be inducted into the ranks of the Crystal Guard.

Purpose in Aldarra

Cin'darians believe themselves to be the custodians of the entire continent of Boardair. As such, when Aldarra was discovered to once again be attainable for reclaimation and conquest, the ruling powers of Cin'dar deemed it their duty to control its lost riches lest it fall into unworthy or destructive hands. 

To fully understand how the mechanics work, we recommend you download the rules of Aldarra to have a point of reference for the game assets displayed below.

Game Mechanics

What do the Cin'darian Empire Excel at?

Within the game of Aldarra, the Cin'darian Empire excel at amassing fleets of ships and upgrading them to desired capacity with the discoveries found from their explorations. The power behind this faction lies in its ability to outnumber and out power the fleets of other opponents. Rolling tons of dice for your fleets to hammer your enemies out of strategic positions and gain victory points in the sweetest way possible - destruction of your foes!

Here's a glance at the Cin'darian Empire dashboard! Each dashboard in Aldarra will give you helpful tools to keep the game flowing! The turn / phase order list is particularly helpful for reminding beginner and veteran players alike where they are in the current round!

The Cin'darian Empire get to by pass fleet building restriction limits and delve for the particular ship upgrades they want! They're a fleet building powerhouse. With these powers, the Cin'darian Empire  can overpower other enemy fleets and leapfrog victory point deficits by making strong, surprising plays from the strength of their stronghold.

Faction Power - No Stronghold Stacking Limit

As the Cin'darian Empire, you can build ships every management phase without worry for the typical stacking limit of 5 for every player. This allows you to use your Order Tokens action economy to great effect by being able to move more ships than other players from your stronghold.

Stacking limit on your Stronghold is a thing only other factions have to worry about when you play as the Cin'darian Empire

Faction Power - Discovery Draft Ship Upgrades

The second faction power of the Cin'darian Empire is having the ability to forgo selecting a Discovery card from the draft cards and instead select a unit upgrade Dsicovery of your choice from the Discovery deck. This gives the Cin'darian Empire an effective way to play any ship focused strategy given situation of each game!

The Cin'darian Empire can upgrade their ships on a whim to service their desired strategy.

Starting Discovery - Targeting Focus

Targeting Focus is an awesome ability that gives the Cin'darian player the ability to reroll combat dice in the first round of every combat they engage in. This provides a great way to tilt the odds in your favour should your strategic plans not go exactly according to how you planned them!

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