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Created by Arcane Minis

Aldarra is a fast-paced 4x combat focused strategy game with 152 huge minis, buckets of dice, and an expansive world. The game plays 2 - 4 people (5-6 with the expansion) and plays between 90-180 minutes. The base game comes with 152 finely detailed miniatures (28 unique sculpts). The Savage Skies expansion comes with 72 finely detailed miniatures (14 sculpts). **Shipping will be charged at a later time (prior to physical shipping)**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

End of Year Update!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 07:02:16 PM

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here is a quick little update for you all for the rest of the year (we will have more to update on in the new year which includes sending out the other STLs and updating the current STLs). 

Tabletop Simulator Update

We have made some quality of life improvements to the TTS (Tabletop Simulator) but also added in all the things to test out for the current working versions of the 2 player version as well as 3-6 players! I, Benny, will be looking to get some games in against backers to see what you think over the next couple of months while we fine tune and receive feedback from the community. 

How do I play?

First off, you will need to download Steam. This is a platform that enables you to download and play computer games. The game you will need to use to play Aldarra is called Tabletop Simulator. This game allows you to download modules or "games" to play on the simulator.

Once you have the simulator installed, then you will need to go to our workshop item for Aldarra & Subscribe to it.You can even invite any of your friends. It's free to play as long as you have Tabletop Simulator =)

If you have ANY issues with this, please hop on our Discord and ask the questions in our Aldarra chat channels. You can join our Discord here!

How do I find people to play?

I will be on the Discord trying to get in at least 1 or 2 games a week over the holidays. You can ask people for games in there and see if you get responses. I know a lot of people don't like TTS, but we have had a lot of fun playtesting the game last year and we believe it's a great way for you to test out the game and have some input (especially in the 2 player mode)

Can I send feedback?

100% you can send feedback. We welcome it and rely on it to make the game as good as it can be before we go to print. You can enter your feedback here

Aldarra Development Update

We are in a bit of a limbo at the moment. We need to finish the 2 player mode which has gone through a few iterations now and we are hesitant to ever call it done until we are sure it's done. The 5-6 player was playtested and planned for more so than the 2 player longer ago so that's more set in stone. 

Ultimately, this fall hasn't gone as quickly as we wanted it to for development, but we are happy to have the TTS updated for backers to have a chance to play the updated version of it.

We should have a clearer idea of the road map for next year come Jan/Feb of 2023 :)

As always, if you have questions, please just ask here, send us a message or join us in the Discord!

Monthly 5e Content Subscriptions

Just a small bit of promotion on other stuff our company has been diligently working on. We have just released our Frosts of Issenzar content release for 5e on Tribes and Patreon. We recently combined the content of both of these platforms into 1 to make it easier, and more affordable for people to support us.

Click the image to find out more!

You can join us on Patreon or Tribes! We have a lifetime holiday discount all-in tier and massive MyMiniFactory savings of up to 75% off our entire store for the month of December for Subscribers! =)

That'sall for now, everyone. We wish you all a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and any other holiday or tradition you may celebrate! Here's to 2023 and a happy new year! I'm exteremly excited to play on the TTS with a bunch of you! Hope you all can hop on there and check it out =)


Benny and the AM team

Development Update! Discovering Aldarra 5e Adventure Released!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2022 at 03:18:06 PM

Happy November, everyone!

In this update, you will find some information on the progress of development, future manufacturing plans, and the release of the Discovering Aldarra PDF. 

Nothing major to report right now, but things are progressing slowly. We have had some delays over the last 7 months or so and we see more in the future (see below for expected earliest fulfillment date)

Game Development Progress

Generally speaking, the game is balanced at 3-4 players fairly well, we believe some further balancing will need to take place once the 2 player and 6 player versions are fully balanced, but we don't expect much will have to change from their current rules.

2 Player Development

We have made progress on developing the 2 player version and have gone back and forth. We are now at a point we feel better about 2 player, but it's still not quite there yet. The reason we originally removed 2 player from the game before launching was we knew the extra level of development that would be needed in order to make sure it wasn't just a one-sided landslide, would be considerable. We are making progress!

5-6 Player Development

Been a tad harder to arrange people to play this up scaled version of the game, but the mechanics from the normal game transfer over almost perfectly from the 3-4 player version. We have new mechanics and cards introduced and we still need to actually play more games at this size before we know its balanced. 

Play Testing on TTS

We will soon have an updated version of TTS with both the 2 and 6 player versions of the game. At that time, we would like to invite you all, the backers, to come on and have a play through and give us your feedback. Obviously not necessary, but we value the feedback of the backers and will do our best to take consrtructive criticism and feedback on board for the new game modes! We want Aldarra to be as good as it can be =)

Language Localization

There has been no headway on this topic. It's looking less likely that we will be able to actually localize it into other languages, but we haven't fully given up yet =)

This is something we really want to offer, but it will be a slow process to find the right partners. 

Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Finally for this update. As I mentioned in the past, and it seems to be ringing more true, in order to get this project fulfilled and manufactured properly, it's likely going to take us slightly longer than we had anticipated. It's looking like instead of September 2023, we will be delivering no sooner than March 2024.  We are going to try everything we can to deliver ahead of this 2024 delay, but I just wanted to reaffirm what I had mentioned before about delays due to covid and other global things that just seem to be holding us back. We lost some development time this summer for about 2 or 3 months when the team we work with had other stuff to do and we had focused attention on our 2 new projects for Patreon and Tribes (both of which are running smoothly now for the last 3 months!).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please either send us a message privately, comment on this post, or message us on one of our social media platforms (Discord is the quickest for responses!)

Check out our Socials and Links here

Discovering Aldarra PDF + STLs Released

We have finally finished the Discovering Aldarra PDF adventure and associated STLs! It was a long process, a lot of personal issues with the internal team and some turnovers of personnel really slowed us down, but we got there!

Download the Adventure here!

PLEASE NOTE: There are so many files with this release, that they are in separate objects. The best way to keep track of all the files is to go to your MyMiniFactory Library

In this adventure, the characters set out on what is meant to be a simple cargo delivery but are caught up in an incredible discovery… after more than three hundred years the magical radiation enveloping Aldarra has finally ceased, allowing airships to sail into this devastated kingdom.  The characters can explore the many wonders of this long ruined land, battle magically mutated monsters, confront members of the Arrodan Syndicate, discover ancient secrets, and return to the factions of Sordane with many a tale to tell!   Word will soon spread that the riches of Aldarra are ripe for the taking, but many dangers await in this abandoned kingdom… can the characters escape with their newfound riches and lives intact?!

Other Projects On The Go!

Our previous Kickstarter, Airship Campaigns, is very close to being fulfilled. Sadly also delayed, but nearing completion! Very exciting stuff. The product is getting on a ship next week to make its way to the US!

The right side of the image above are the maps and canvases we have recently added to our store. You can order them like devoted backers have already! We are still doing our Launch Sale! 25% off the entire merch store!

Use Code AM25_AC for 25% off the whole store!

You can preorder airship campaigns through the pledge manager on Backerkit. It will be in limited supply until it's gone and then no more! Limited time only.

Tribes & Patreon!

Sign up to either of our Patreon or Tribe and get 50% off our MMF, 25% off our merch store, and 15% off our physical miniatures on Only-Games!

Check out the Tribe!

Check out the Patreon!

That's all for now everyone. I apologise again for the silence and the inevitable delays to the fulfillment, but we will get there in the end! This game is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it's fulfilled and delivered!

Check out our Socials and Links here

Stay safe out there, everyone. Have a great rest of 2022! We will send out another update before the end of the year! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please either send us a message privately, comment on this post, or message us on one of our social media platforms (Discord is the quickest for responses!)

All the best

Benny and the AM team

Manufacturing + Development Update
5 months ago – Sat, Sep 03, 2022 at 08:13:56 PM

Happy September!

Hello all! I hope you had (are having) a great summer as the year winds down! We are game testing 6 player and 2 play modes with the new features we promised to add the game. This will be a quick update just to keep everyone in the loop of what we have going on as a company and what is to come in the next few months!


We have continued finishing art (although this has been slow as our normal main artist has been a little preoccupied with life stuff). We are getting there though. As for the 2 player game mode and the expansion testing of 5 and 6 player games, we are advancing there as well, but not as quickly as we would have liked originally. The world being opened up this summer has made it a little harder to schedule play testing sessions with people. Believe it or not, covid actually helped us develop the game faster! We are getting there though!

Manufacturing / Localization

Our original timeline was to have the game delivered by Sept 2023, but this is not looking likely. We are currently in the middle of production on our other project - Airship Campaigns. Which should finish manufacturing in October and hopefully fulfill by the end of this year. The world of shipping has kind of been chaotic and up and down. We are still going to aim for the original delivery date, but just to give everyone a heads up, this may be a process of slow and steady wins the race. A lot of companies are facing problems right now in terms of rising costs in development (though luckily it appears shipping costs are going down!). Not to mention, the game is being manufactured in China and... things are less than stable there at the moment so we want to make sure any decisions we make and triggers we pull are made properly and pulled correctly! 

In addition to all of that, we are still in a holding pattern for the localization, we really really want to be able to offer the game in multiple languages, but it's a hard ask right now looking at the state of everything. We haven't given up yet though and we are still working on finding a partner (or partners) for this endeavour! It is, however, likely to add some time to the overall timeline as well, but will overall be better for the project!

TTS Playtesting

After we get a little more work done on the 2 player mode and expansion, we intend on modifying the TTS to allow people to come and play test it a bit on there as well and provide feedback and have a bit of say on how it will progress!

Discovering Aldarra PDF Adventure + STLs

We have the adventure fully finished now (aside from some new juicy art we want to add to it) and we are just going over final edits now and then it will be laid out and released! I am hoping this will be released to you all by the end of September or early October. No later than the end of October most assuradly, but I really want it out before the end of this month! 

Really looking forward to getting this adventure off to you all! Until then, if you are craving some much shorter, one-shot adventures, we currently have the Tourist Terror out on Patreon! It's our 3rd one and 

Check out the Patreon here

That's all for now everyone! Hope you all have a great month! I will be back some time in October for another update!

Thanks everyone!


Benny and the AM team

Gameplay #3 Up! Testing Continues - Patreon + Tribes Launches
7 months ago – Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 02:56:30 AM

Greetings Aldarrans!

Just a quick update today regarding Aldarra!

Gameplay Video #3

First off, here is the new Gameplay. I am very sorry for the delay in this. It was a nightmare just to get some friends scheduled for a shoot (not all of my friends like to be video taped!) We had a blast with this game. These are two of my more frequent "gamer" friends in Korea and you can tell how we banter with each other. I hope you enjoy this game, we had a great time playing. I simply cannot wait to show you all a 6 player game after a bit more fine tuning!

High-Definition is still processing so please wait to view it if you want to view at 1080p! =)

What have we been up to?

We have been working through balancing and game testing the expansion, some added mechanics like the Event cards in the expasnion and we have started working on the 2 player mode as well. This added more will definitely require some time to develop but we are well under way!

What can we expect in terms of updates in the near future?

In addition to the 3 player game I have uploaded today, we will have a 6 player game uploaded in the next couple of months. As soon as we balance the expansion's new mechanics a bit more, we will upload ourselves with all 6 factions at the table! It should be a wild time. 

Discovering Aldarra Adventure + STLs + Goodies

The Discovering Aldarra adventure will be released close to the end of the month or some time in September. We are just squaring away the formatting and all that jazz =) expect more information soon!

Have you done your survey for the pledge manager yet?

Remember to get your surveys done for the pledge manager! You can add on the awesome premium dice we used in the 3rd gameplay video or add anything else we have on offer there =)

Each set comes with 22 of these big, beautiful sparkling dice!

That's all for the updates on Aldarra for now everyone. Below this is information on the new MyMiniFactory Tribes and Patreon we are launching and relaunching! If you play D&D, this stuff is for you! If you're purely into the board game aspect of things, the below may not be your speed, but please do check it out if you're interested =)


Tribes Launch - A New Ship Every Month! (Early Bird Lifetime Tiers)

Love all the ships you're getting from Skies of Sordane? Well, we have finally decided to make new ships! It's been almost a year since we released the last of the ships in Skies of Sordane.


Tribes is a monthly Patreon-like subscription service on MyMiniFactory that allows customers to support creators by paying a monthly subscription fee to become a Tribe member and getting rewards. Our Tribe will be focused solely on making a new ship every month.


As mentioned above, we are doing a new ship every single month! Yep. 1 new ship, every month for a massive discount on the final sale price (more than 75% off retail - oh yes!). There will be some added juicy bits as well like a full high-res maps for every ship, loyalty rewards and even lore and stats for the ship in question!


We will be putting out a new release every month! And, every 4 months, consecutive backers will receive a loyalty reward in the form of an entirely free ship! (the first loyalty reward will be a giant Sky Whale called a Korranir Dreadnought - the same one from the Aldarra Expansion - Savage Skies.


We have 3 tiers currently that will suit most people!

  • Ship Only ($10 - Discounted to $6 for the Early Birds!)
  • Merchant Tier ($15 - No Discount)
  • Ship + Merchant Tier ($25 - Discounted to $21 for the Early Birds!)


Each release will have the following!

  •  1 HUGE Airship - You'll get a brand new ship with playable interior. Expertly designed and sculpted by our team at Arcane Minis. We have PERFECTED the art of making large, playable ships with interiors and we want to share more of them with you
  •  High-Resolution Ship Maps - Each release will have a beautiful high-resolution map created by Venatus Maps. 
  •  Airship Stats - Want to use your ship with your Airship Campaigns PDF / book? You will get a stat block for the airship to be used in your campaign!
  •  Ship Lore - You will learn more about where this ship comes from, its uses in the world, what factions make use of it and more!
  •  Loyalty Rewards - Every 4 months, you will receive a completely free additional ship (most likely massive Dreadnought size)


If you get in now, before the end of August, you will get 40% off your Tribe tier which you can hold onto for as long as you want and all releases going forward, you will get them for 40% off! You will have it until you cancel, so it's a lifetime early bird price!

FIRST TRIBES RELEASE - AUGUST 1ST - 40% off Lifetime Tier

The first release will be one of our favourite factions - the Cuthari Hivemind. We released their first ship, the Cuthari Hivemind Reaper ship originally and we have now expanded their fleet with the Conchel Class Cruiser. A brutally large and imposing ship. Tentacles included, it's over a 100cm long! A beast of a ship... prepare your fleets...

Expect more information on this and the next release when we launch on August 1st!


Patreon Relaunch - Sordane Stories (Early Bird Lifetime Tiers)

As many of you may be aware, we started a Patreon last Fall, but put it on hiatus at the start of this year in order to focus on getting Airship Campaigns done and the Aldarra Kickstarter launched. We originally worked with DM Dave in creating written PDF adventures with STLs, but have since parted ways with Dave and his team and have gone completely in-house with a whole slate of adventures and awesome monsters planned for you all.


The adventures will all be taking place in the world of Sordane to expand on the lore and universe we have built. The adventures can easily be used in any other setting you wish to! We are branding these adventures "Sordane Stories". This is how you know they will be set in the world of Sordane if we ever decide to expand into other genres or universes!


Currently, the plan is to release every 2-4 weeks. If we can get up to 1000 patrons, we can gaurantee 2 releases per month. Each including all of the items listed below!


We have 3 tiers currently that will suit most people!

  • STLs Only ($8 - Discounted to $5 for the Early Birds!)
  • STLs + PDF Adventure ($12 - Discounted to $8 for the Early Birds!)
  • STLs + PDF Adventure + Foundry VTT Pack ($18 - Discounted to $12 for the Early Birds!)

Sign Up Here to get the first release on the 25th!  


Each release will have the following!

  •  PDF Adventure - Usually in the format of a one-shot with 3-4 encounters in each one
  •  10+ STLs - Each release will have between 10 - 15/20 STLs. It will vary, but there will be minimum 10!
  •  New Race / Subclass - Each release will have one or the other and STLs related to that race or subclass (included in the 10+)
  •  Adventure Soundtrack - Each adventure will have its own soundtrack provided. Custom and themed for the style and atmosphere of the adventure!
  •  New Creatures - Fun new creatures for DMs to run with beautiful creature art and stats for each of them.
  •  Full Page Encounter Art - Each encounter in the adventure will have its own beautiful full page art to show to your players to help enrich the experience!
  •  Encounter Maps - A slew of maps in each adventure expertly designed by our writers and map maker
  •  Foundry VTT Support - You will receive a code to get the maps all on Foundry VTT if that's a tool that you and your playground use!
  •  Free Short Stories - A short story, completely FREE for patrons and the public alike. We really want to be able to start sharing more lore and stories from Sordane to help give you guys some ideas of your own when you're running games in Sordane. We will be releasing a short story along with every release on the Patreon. They will be hosted on our site and publically available all of the time =)


If you get in now, or on any of the first 3 releases (before the end of August), you will get 35% off your Patron tier which you can hold onto for as long as you want and all releases going forward, you will get them for 35% off! You will have it until you cancel, so it's a lifetime early bird price! We feel it necessary to make sure our most faithful have an easier time supporting our projects! Having said that, even at full price, we have packed so much content, art and STLs into these releases, they will be more than worth it for you!


A wealthy sordalite baron has invited those from far and wide to seek riches in his mines promising great stores of precious sordalite for any who enter the mines. Many have flocked to take part in this crystal rush, excited by the prospect of striking it rich! But the baron is not as philanthropic as he seems…the baron is aware that there is almost no sordalite in the mines, in fact, there is little down there apart from monsters and other hazards that result in the deaths of any who enter. The baron’s helper drones have been collecting the belongings of those slain in the mine, meaning with every fool who enters the mine, the baron grows just a little bit richer… Can your adventurers uncover the baron’s treachery? Delve into the mines! Combat vicious shard mimics, burrowing earth rumblers, scuttling vitrunids, and more in this 5e adventure, Fool’s Crystal.

 Save 35% on Lifetime Tiers. Sign Up Here!  

That's all the updates for today everyone. I know it's a lot of information regarding our new Tribe and Patreon, but we would love to have you continue to support us if you feel like the value from what you have received so far has been worth it! We would love your support in this new adventure of making frequent content for our fans and supporters!


Benny and the AM team

Ship STLs Released (Please read update) - Error for resin on Backerkit pledge manager
7 months ago – Mon, Jun 27, 2022 at 06:27:54 PM

Hey there everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We have some fun stuff for you today!

For all of you who backed the STLs or All-in pledge level will have just been sent an email to redeem the 42 STLs from the base game and expansion box faction STLs.


Note for STLs being released - PLEASE READ!

These files are NOT final. They are high-detailed, fully supported and "finished", but the design of these files may change slightly from now until production begins meaning if you are printing them to fit them into your Aldarra game box later, please be aware that if you print them now for that purpose, they may change and no longer fit inside the game box inserts. 

We didn't want to keep these awesome STLs away from you any longer as they are ready for printing as is! If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to post a comment or send a message!


What STLs are being release right now?

The 6 factions from the base game and the expansion box are now being released. that's 30 ship files and 12 buildings! Please check your email for the redemption links if you qualify to receive these! 

If you didn't get these, but you still want them, you can get them from clicking here and pledging the STL level on the late pledge manager!

Announcement About Backerkit Pledge Manager

For the Backerkit pledge manager, there is a bit of an error with the resin addons. Sorry about this. Specifically it's the 6KG Arcanite Addon. You should be allowed to pick 4x 1.5kg bags of any color you want, but right now, it makes you select all of the same color. I am working on fixing this and will be messaging those affected directly when we find a solution. My apologies for this!

Complete your survey here if you haven't already!

That's it for now, everyone! Thanks so much for your support. We hope you like the miniature STLs!


Benny and the AM team