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Created by Arcane Minis

Aldarra is a fast-paced 4x combat focused strategy game with 152 huge minis, buckets of dice, and an expansive world. The game plays 2 - 4 people (5-6 with the expansion) and plays between 90-180 minutes. The base game comes with 152 finely detailed miniatures (28 unique sculpts). The Savage Skies expansion comes with 72 finely detailed miniatures (14 sculpts). **Shipping will be charged at a later time (prior to physical shipping)**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pledge Manager Opening!
8 months ago – Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 04:50:37 PM

Good day everyone! Pledge Manager Launch (in the next 24 hours)

Just wanted to thank you all for staying patient while we get the pledge manager ready to launch! There are some things I got mixed up when setting it up for the freebie metal coins being added, but we got it all sorted!

The pledge manager is currently sending out a "Smoke Test" for the next 24 hours. So surveys have been sent to about 100 people. We will wait until this test is complete and then we will be sending it out to everyone just to make sure everything is sorted!

Shipping Charges

An important note is that you will not be charged for shipping right now. We will be charging shipping closer to the date of actually shipping and fulfilling the project. This is to ensure we have the best price possible for our backers (and our company). With the world in such a flux of shipping chaos at the moment, charging beforehand could either be over charging our customers are under charging. We just want to make sure we are as exact as possible!

Digital Rewards

For digital rewards, it's important to note that ALL fulfillment for them is going through MyMiniFactory. If you added an addon during the Kickstarter, you would have already been sent a redemption link. For the BETA Aldarra miniature ship files, we will be sending out redemption links for those to all backers who have the STL pledge, STL addon, or the All-In. More info on these when we actually launch. The PDF for the 5e adventure and all of the STLs from that adventure will also be provided through MMF (this adventure will come out at the end of the summer most likely).

If you ADD digital rewards in backerkit, there are instructions to email / message us with your email used to verify you have added on that addon and after we verify the purchase, we will send you your redemption link!


If you are a retailer, there are retailer bundles in the pledge manager as well. They are discounted in bulk and the minimum order quantity is 6 units of each product! If you have questions, please send a private message or email to

Sordalite Elixir Dice Addon

We got the samples in for the Premium Sordalite Elixir Dice! They are awesome, truly. Admittedly they are a tad expensive, but they are hand crafted with liquid cores and we are cutting our margins very low for these dice. They're a great premium perk if you really want to get everything Aldarra =). These won't be limited in quantity (we will sell them retail afterwards), but they will never be sold at this price again :)

Get 22 of these awesome dice.

Have Issues?

Once we launch the pledge manager, if you have any issues you can either message me directly here, message us on our Discord (link at the bottom), or email us at and we will get to your request in good time!

Thanks again to everyone for the support. I hope to have up some more gameplay soon and some updates on the development of the 2 player mode!

Look for more updates on the project sometime in July =)


Benny and the AM team

Delay on Pledge Manager until next week.
8 months ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 04:11:43 AM

Hey everyone! Very quick update today. It'll be mid-next week before the pledge manager is up. There are a few things in there that I had over looked operationally and they are taking a biiiit more time to sort out. There's not immediate rush for us so it's not a big thing, but just wanted to let you all know =)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Benny and the AM team

Pledge Manager This Friday - Gameplay video + Localization + general updates
8 months ago – Mon, Jun 06, 2022 at 08:01:22 PM

Already June!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well. We have been busy at Arcane Minis the last month getting the payment through, dealing with all the aftermath of running a Kickstarter campaign, etc! This is going to be a quick little update for you all just to keep you in the loop of what's going on. 

We are going to try to do at least 1 update per month for the progression of the Kickstarter fulfillment, but if there are a few extra weeks here or there, just know it's because there is nothing new to share =). We don't want to inundate you with needless updates and make it harder to find information from previous updates!

Pledge Manager

The pledge manager will be open this Friday! You can go in there and add to your pledges, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping will not be charged now. We will be charging shipping when we are closer to the date of actually shipping the product. This is a fantastic new feature from Backerkit that allows us to charge shipping and order modifications at different times allowing us to make the shipping charges more exact for the time we charge them in. A good example of this would be likely shipping mid-late next year, shipping should be cheaper due to the world going back to normal from covid, etc. So hopefully that means we can save you all a few precious dollars on that! :)

Extra Products

There will be some extra products in the pledge manager as well. Those being out Airship Campaigns 5e supplement (which is doing a limited - 1 time only - print run). And our Airship Map Tiles (from the same Kickstarter).

Gamplay Video

Sorry for the delay in the new gameplay video. I've tried to organize my playgroup here 3 different times over the last month and it keeps falling apart. Due to it being summer and being limited to meeting on the weekends, my mates all seem to have a lot going on. Should be relatively soon though that we will have the 3 player up, then the 6 player and then months down the line when the 2 player mode is finished, we will have a 2 player one as well for those of you interested in it!


We are still working on localization. There is a process to this which first includes attempting to bring the MSRP of the game down to make it a bit more stomachable for potential partners. We are looking into multiple avenues here and will do our very best to make sure we can provide localizaed versions of the game into as many languages as possible. I will update you all again on localization when I have good or bad news to share - so this will be the last time I mention it for a while :)

General Update

Finally, for the update of everything. We have been working on finishing the art, minor game mechanics of the expansion and we will soon be getting into the development of the 2 player mode. We want to make sure this 2 player mode is not a gimmick. We want it to be a solid choice for playing Aldarra and not just something we decided to throw in for the hell of it. So we are going to do our very best to make sure it's a fun experience!

I'm hoping to have more updates for you all on the progress of the development of the game next month! If you have any question or concerns you can always message me here or you can contact us on our social media (below)

View all our links on Linktree

All the best. Stay safe out there, everyone and thank you all again so very much for your support and interest in the things we make. Without you, we have nothing :)

Benny and the AM team

The funds are on their way!
9 months ago – Mon, May 16, 2022 at 03:18:52 AM

Happy Friday =)

Hey everyone! Just a quick update today. I will do a more in depth one at the end of next week when we have more information on a plan for the pledge manager in place. We are planning to launch the pledge manager at the end of the month!

We have received notification from Kickstarter that the funds are now on their way to our bank account which means we can start providing digital addons to the backers who had added them during the campaign. (these will also be available in the pledge manager so if you missed them, you can get them there!)

Addon STLs

If you added STLs as your addons from our past library of products, you can expect redemption links for those to be sent out from MyMiniFactory by Monday! We are just sorting through the MMF system which is kind of limiting in the sheer number of files we need to upload for some of those addons which actually is causing us to be creative in some ways!

More Gamplay Videos

We will have a new gameplay video (3 player) by the end of the month and hopefully a 6 player gameplay video some time next month! (some balancing on the event cards and such we need to do first!). If the 6 player gameplay video is delayed, we will do more 4 player videos but with the expansion factions in there instead so you can get a sense of how they play! 

That's all for today. I hope you're all having a fantastic May. Thank you so much for your support and we can't wait to provide you guys with more information and updates as we move along with development, possible localization partners, more gameplay videos, and more :)

Stay safe everyone!

Benny and the AM team

Aldarra Roadmap and next steps! We are funded! Thank you all so much
9 months ago – Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 06:21:23 PM

Thank you all so very very much!

To everyone who has backed us and is excited to get their copy of Aldarra - Thank you so very much from myself and the whole team

It means a lot that even in this very difficult world we find ourselves in, that there are still enough people who believe in the vision we have for our projects! We know you will all love Aldarra and we can't wait to share it with you!

What's Next?

Next I will outline the general guideline for how things will progress over the next couple of months!

1. Waiting for funds to clear

The first step is waiting for Kickstarter to charge cards of backers and send us the funds. During this time, we will start working on the new 2 player mode and continue finishing the art for the cards!

Time: about 2 weeks

2. Open Pledge Manager (Backerkit)

Some time in the next week or two we will open the pledge manager where you will be able to up your pledges, addon additional items and verify your details (You will NOT be charged shipping at this time - Shipping will be charged a separate time - closer to the ship date so we can get the best price possible)

Time: At least 3 months but likely closer to 5 or 6 (likely will be open up until we ship)

3. Finish 2 Player Mode + Finishing art and modify miniatures as necessary

Over the next few months, we will be developing and implementing the 2 player mode as well as finishing the card art for the expansion and refining it for the base game. We will also modify the miniatures slightly in order to make sure they are acceptable by the manufacturer. Each mini will be inspected thoroughly to see if they require modifications.

We will be keeping you all up to date with aaall of this fun stuff through updates during the process. I would like to do 2 or 3 updates per month, but only if we have stuff to share. Expect at the very least 1 update per month!

Time: 2~5 months depending on development of 2 player mode. 

3b. Sharing more gameplay and videos

We will be doing more gameplay videos and possibly some more AMAs if you are all interested. I would also love to do a bit of a developer deep dive discussion between myself and the others on the team to give you all a bit more of a "behind the curtain" look!)

Time: Sometime in the next month or two!

4. Factory Sampling

Once we have all of our ducks in a row for the art, minis and 2 player mode, we will be getting the factory to provide us our PPCs (preproduction copy) so we can verify the quality of the product. We will be sharing a toooon of pics and videos on this!

Time: 1-3 weeks, This depends on a few things, but hopefully it won't take too long!

5. Lock orders and charge cards for additional addons

Once we are happy with the PPCs and we are confident that we have everything we need to provide you all with the best products possible, we will start locking orders and charging cards on Backerkit. We haven't quite worked out when we will charge VAT and duties yet, but it may be during this period or it may be during shipping. I will keep you all updated on this as we know more from our shipping and fulfillment partners.

Time: about a month (sometimes people have issues with their cards or they don't respond to the surveys we send and it takes awhile to sort out)

6. Manufacturing and closing pledge manager

As soon as we are happy with the PPCs and we have the orders locked and charged, we will start manufacturing and close the pledge manager! This may be a lengthy process as we will have hundreds of thousands of miniatures to manufacture, but we will make sure to keep you all updated through this process.

Time: Unknown. I am hoping this will be quick, but it's possible it may take 4 or 5 months. Fingers crossed it won't be quite this long! Depends on how many copies we end up ordering

7. Charge Shipping 

As soon as manufacturing is nearing completion, this is when we will start charging shipping through Backerkit and getting the best numbers possible. We are hoping VERY much that the cost of shipping will actually decrease from the estimates during the campaign as the world wakes up from its covid slumber

Please Note: Shipping will NOT be charged at the start of the pledge manager - it will be charged in 2 stages

Time: Unknown. It's kind of hard to guess what the world of shipping will be like at the time of shipping, I hope to keep you all updated with this as much as possible


Hopefully that is a clear enough laid out plan for now! It's subject to change of course as the world shifts and sways around us, but this is the plan! If you ever have any questions, you know you can ask any questions here or message us on Discord (see the links below)

Once again, thank you all so much! We are a small company, so whenever we gain this much support for a product we really believe in, it truly means the world to us! We will now get hard at work to deliver to you the best game we can! You will not be disappointed!

If you want to stay connected with myself and the community, I recommend you join our communities on Facebook and Discord!

I've been up for almost 30 hours so I will need some rest! haha I'll be back with another update as soon as we have some new components, art, or videos to share with you all. Likely next week some time :)

Benny and the AM team